to support novel and innovative research related to lifestyle and health


Current Cycle Applications Due:  COMING SUMMER 2020

The Healthy Lifestyle Institute at the University of Pittsburgh is initiating a Pilot and Feasibility program to stimulate innovative and collaborative research relevant to the relationship between lifestyle and a variety of health-related outcomes and to the development of novel intervention strategies that result in engagement and sustainability of healthy lifestyle behaviors. 

Pilot and Feasibility funds are primarily for new investigators who have not yet received major research grant support (e.g., R21 or R01 funding from the NIH as a principal investigator), and who are working closely with senior faculty to establish cross-disciplinary research collaborations. 

This Pilot and Feasibility program is intended to enable investigators to collect data that will strengthen subsequent applications for extra-mural funding, with a high emphasis placed on innovation and novel research during the review process. 

Research funded under this pilot and feasibility program can vary in the approach, provided that there is a clear and strong focus on lifestyle behaviors (e.g., eating, physical activity, smoking, medication adherence, etc.) and its relationship to health. 

Examples include novel measures to understand relationships between lifestyle and health, novel intervention strategies to promote engagement in healthy lifestyle behaviors, translational research focused on lifestyle and health, or other research that is within the MISSION of the Healthy Lifestyle Institute.


  • Applicants must be faculty of the University of Pittsburgh. 
  • The applicant or the sponsoring faculty member must be an affiliated member of the Healthy Lifestyle Institute at the time the application is submitted. Become affiliated HERE.
  • Funding is intended primarily for new investigators without major research support, while encouraging collaboration with senior faculty investigators and with co-investigators across multiple disciplines.
  • Funding priority will be given to those applicants who demonstrate a strong potential this pilot project to result in future extramufor an independent academic career. 
  • In certain circumstances, pilot & feasibility grants may be awarded to established investigators who are proposing projects that constitute a significant departure from ongoing research, or established investigators in other fields who are proposing projects in which they will transfer their special expertise to the research focus of the Healthy Lifestyle Institute.
  • Individuals who are applying as established investigators must include a letter describing how the proposed research is a significant departure from their ongoing research.


  • Funds are available to support at least 3 awards.
  • Funding is a maximum of $25,000 per award (direct costs).
  • No-cost extensions of funding will not be approved. Indirect cost are not provided with the award.
  • Budgets may be adjusted at the time of award to provide funding for as many promising projects as possible.