The Healthy Lifestyle Institute will focus the distinctive strengths that exist on Community Engagement and Patient-Centered approaches to enhance Quality of Life and Health across the lifespan.

To facilitate this, the Healthy Lifestyle Institute will:

  • Seek strategic community and private partnerships that allow for implementation and evaluation of translational efforts to improve healthy lifestyles. A key foundation will be to seek these opportunities in a manner that enhance the health and quality of life of individuals residing in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and surrounding areas of Western Pennsylvania. These include key partnerships formed with school districts and out-of-school entities to promote engagement in components of healthy lifestyles that enhance the well-being of children and families.

  • Build upon existing wellness programming for faculty and staff to create a stronger effort to promote a healthy lifestyle in the University of Pittsburgh community.

  • Engage in basic and translational research to enhance the understanding of mechanisms that may inform and enhance healthy lifestyles that translate to improved individual and patient care.

  • Be a regional, national, and international resource that integrates physiological, medical, and behavioral research at both applied and translational levels across the lifespan (youth, adults, older adults).