The University of Pittsburgh established the Healthy Lifestyle Institute in 2017 to allow for integration of existing outstanding resources (facilities, infrastructure, scientists, clinicians, thought leaders), to bolster areas of thematic importance, to integrate with regional health-care entities, and support junior investigators to lead regional, national, and international efforts in public health areas related to adoption of a healthy lifestyle to prevent or reduce disease burden.

While housed within the School of Education, the Healthy Lifestyle Institute will engage with other key stakeholders within the broad University community and will also seek strategic opportunities to extend these collaborations outside of the University of Pittsburgh.

The Healthy Lifestyle Institute is uniquely positioned to address important and impactful questions related to lifestyle factors that are of interest to the National Institutes of Health and the scientific community, as well as of interest to clinical and community initiatives to improve health.  These broad areas may include heterogeneity of intervention response, mechanisms and biological pathways, approaches to improve translation of research into practice, and others.  The Healthy Lifestyle Institute will facilitate formation of essential cross-disciplinary teams to address these important scientific and clinical questions. Moreover, it allows the University of Pittsburgh to be in position to respond rapidly and effectively to future areas of scientific and clinical need regarding the application of lifestyle approaches to improve health.